Some lessons from COVID-19

Unknown to humankind but apparently forecasted, our nemesis virus has come and is staying around for a while. Generally talked about as far back as 2015 and more specifically by Dr. Jeffrey Sharman in 2018, the under publicized pandemic is now a reality, one we have been now living for months.

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This worldwide Corona Virus has infected 2.5 million people and killed 170K worldwide as of this writing.  It has changed our individual, family, school, work, legal and church life.  We are “sheltered in place”, wearing masks…and buying lots of toilet paper, as we proliferate the use of grocery and food delivery services.  Grocery stores have “senior hours” and “first responders hours”, to meet the needs of the most vulnerable and the front line warriors.

Looking at all that is happening around us, are there any lessons to be learned?  It has been said that everything happens for a reason.  What reasons are working themselves out in this scenario?  Here are just five that have surfaced for me:

Preparation – apparently we did not heed the warnings that were given in years past.  We were rushing to the store because we did not prepare.  Having a few staple items like water and canned goods ready would be wise at any time.  For my family, living in a hurricane zone like South Florida, it makes total year round sense.  Be ready!

Gratefulness – we are reminded to be thankful for dinners out with the family, picnics at the park, hanging out with our brothers and sisters at church, the simple act of hugging…so much we have taken for granted.  We are to be thankful about each one of these and so many more!

Family – kids are doing school at home, many adults are working from home.  We are  spending much more time at home than we used to.  Family relationships are growing, even rekindling some that had not been close for a while.  Our workaholic tendencies are being reduced and our need of family is being heightened…such a good thing!

Technology – I paused a few weeks ago to ponder on the fact of going through this  pandemic at the times that we live in.  We can work, study and shop from home, connect with our family, friends and church and so much more by utilizing technology, possibilities that were not around just a few years back.  These innovations have kept us together and, for some of us, kept us sane.  Embracing the good in technology has been a blessing!

Dependence – our humanness gets the best of us.  We thought we were in control and, all of a sudden, a microscopic organism has us on our knees.  Atheists are mentioning God and believers are strengthening their commitment.  We cannot go on without Him or without each other.  Even Democrats and Republicans have been on the same side of the aisle on a few matters.  We truly are in this together!

And there are so many more lessons…ones that we must learn and apply to our everyday lives.  C. S. Lewis rightly told us that “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience but shouts in our pain.  It is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world”  Our world is in pain, God is shouting and we need to heed His voice during this time!  Are we listening?

And don’t forget to put extra black beans and rice in the pantry!

Caring in the Workplace, as a Senior Certified Chaplain with Corporate Chaplains of America

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8 comments on “Some lessons from COVID-19
  1. Robert Read says:

    Thanks for this timely reminder Albert. God bless you.

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  2. christine says:

    Absolutely love this.. Thank you Albert!

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  3. Paul Castillo says:

    Great overview on the positives situations this pandemic is bringing us. Thank you Pastor, God Bless You.

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  4. Glynn Webber says:

    Great perspective Albert. Thank you.

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