Do Unto Others…a 2017 Challenge

How was 2016? A challenge? A blessing?

For some, it was a very tough year. Loss of a loved one, declining finances, emotional struggles, physical ailments and many more difficult circumstances left some grief, heartache and suffering. For some, all was really good…they can’t remember much suffering, no complaints from them. For most, I guess, it was a combination of both.

In every situation, I hope, all of us have found others that have come along and been there for us. Those are the ones I’d like to focus on.

Who lifted us up, when we fell?
Who helped us, during times we could not even help ourselves?
Who encouraged us, when we experienced disillusion and disappointment?
Who told us the truth, even when it hurt, but they loved us too much to not say it?
Who spoke to us words of affirmation, when we felt the whole world was condemning us?
Who forgave us, especially when we couldn’t forgive ourselves?
Who believed in us, when everyone else, including us, stopped believing in ourselves?
Who taught us new skills, as we struggled to move forward with our limitations?
Who told us we could do it, when circumstances and people around us were saying we could not?

In Matthew 7:12 we read: “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you…” (NLT) The Bible states that on this one principle, all of the teaching of the law and the prophets revolve.

The Golden Rule…I’ve heard it so many times throughout my life. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The words ring so true in each one of our hearts and minds. As we think through the questions above, this simple but profound statement awakens a memory of the people who, in this last year and throughout our lives, were the ones that blessed us with the positive attitude and loving actions listed.

So, my challenge for you (and me) this new year is to go out and do unto others as many have done unto us. That we would…lift others up, encourage others, tell others the truth, speak words of affirmation to others, forgive others, believe in others, teach others what we know and tell others they can do it.

Enjoy making others feel the way we felt when others did these for us…what an awesome year it will be!

Caring in the Workplace, as a Senior Certified Chaplain with Corporate Chaplains of America

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