40 Days to Pray…then Vote

We are 40 days away from the 2020 election, which is happening on November 3rd. Some have said that this is the most important election of our lifetime and, even though the next election always seems to be “the most important”, I tend to agree.

The number 40 is Biblically significant. It denotes a time of trial and hardship. Specifically, the 40 day period seems to come up often. The Flood lasted 40 days, as it brought judgement to an unrepentant and sinful world. This is also the amount of days endured by Jesus, Moses, Elijah and Ezekiel as they fought through difficult and trying times. And so on…

We need to vote during elections. If you are a citizen, you should be registered to vote (if not, just do it!) and you should vote. A few days before November 3rd, Lord willing, you will see me at an early voting site near my home, casting a ballot. We live in a country that allows you the power of the vote. Use it!

But, as I told a group of employees at a company I serve as chaplain, “We can vote…but the most powerful thing we could do during elections is pray.” And I believe that with all my heart. Go vote after you’ve gone to God, vote while you’re seeking His guidance and, after the elections, continue praying for the political leaders Americans have voted into office.

Here is my challenge to you – during the next 40 days, set aside some time each day to pray for the upcoming elections. Some will pray a few seconds, some can do a few minutes, some might even do a few hours. Short or long, take time to pray.

The Bible is wrought with examples of God moving in the midst of praying people. Throughout history, we have seen the power of the Almighty at work, when people pray. And we have an opportunity to add to that list! Let us together, in unity, cry out to our God for His will to be done, on earth as it is in heaven. For Him to be glorified and lifted up. Let us ask for His forgiveness and cleansing, His guidance and peace, His perfect justice and overwhelming love.

Can I count on you? Would you join me? Would you commit some time every day to pray? Let me know by commenting below, sending me an email or text. Could we all be prayed up come election time?

Tough times have always been around and difficulties will accompany us on our earthly journey, whatever happens in November and whoever is elected. Counting on the fact that no human will evade tough times, here is what Jesus said, “…take heart…I have overcome the world.” Can any human candidate say that? He is the ultimate winner…let’s go pray!

Caring in the Workplace, as a Senior Certified Chaplain with Corporate Chaplains of America

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8 comments on “40 Days to Pray…then Vote
  1. Edward McDonald says:

    Albert , Thanks for the Wise words. We can only pray

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  2. Michael Palazzo says:


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  3. Susy Beltran says:

    Thank you for these words of wisdom and encouragement! Ready to start my 40 days alongside you!

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  4. Dianela says:

    Thank you so much for those words.

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  5. Mario Padrino says:

    Amen!! Will be praying!!
    Thank you!!

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  6. Theresa Speziale says:

    Thanks Albert! I am definitely in!

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  8. Mario Padrino says:

    I will share this with my family and will commit to praying at my precinct on Election Day!
    Thank you!

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