Precinct Prayer

I’m glad to have voted early. I did so last week at one of the early voting sites in my county, with no lines and no waiting. As of today, 10/29/20, there have been over 78 million votes cast already, either by mail or in person…but most votes will happen on Election Day, in person and in designated precincts.

A few weeks ago I challenged you to “40 Days to Pray…and Vote”, asking you to set aside a daily time of prayer until the upcoming elections. After hundreds of views and many favorable comments, it continues to be read and talked about. Well, here is my latest challenge – “Precinct Prayer”.

All registered voters have a precinct and a designated place where our voting would or will happen. Would you commit to go to that specific place, anytime before 7 am on November 3rd, and pray? There are several government offices, amendments and other important items on the ballot. It is crucial for heaven to hear our earthly cry. Would you join me?

It will be as easy as you stopping in front of the precinct voting place on your way home today and praying. Or during your neighborhood walk, run or bike ride. In my case, I’d like to pray on that day. Since I start work early on Tuesdays, it means I will be the one stopped on the side of the road, on the corner of Taft St. and 92 Ave, at 4:30 am. Whatever works for you! If you are unable to show up in person, would you designate a time of prayer for your specific voting place before or on next Tuesday?

This is not a time for signs, slogans, arguing our political points or putting others down for their decisions . It is a time to pray! So, as you take on my challenge, let’s just talk to our Father on behalf of our country.

Earlier today I commented with an employee I serve about the power of prayer and how we underestimate it. We do! Would you join me in letting God know that we will not do so in this instance? Let me know if we stand together in this effort!

Pass the word along to your family and friends. Please share this with others in your social media circles. With your help, “Precinct Prayer”, together with all prayers, will be the most powerful force present on Election Day.

Caring in the Workplace, as a Senior Certified Chaplain with Corporate Chaplains of America

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  1. Albert Gerena says:

    Good word. Thank you.

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